Some questions Henk asked me about race choice, and their answers.

R: Oh, I should mention the politics. Basically bunch of city states rather than kingdoms, although there are some empires and the like down south.

H: So like local barons and the like ruling over cities and the surrounding towns?

R: Yes, mostly. Think Italy kind of a few hundred years ago. There are some kingdoms, but they aren’t very large. Towns and hamlets are technically owned by city states (which all have their own territory). But because of freakin monsters and the like the cities tend to be safer.

H: Sounds good. Any word on inter-racial relations in the region?

R: As in personal or political?

H: Just generally how do members of different races view one another? Are half-orcs mistrusted, halflings looked down upon, or do elves look down upon all other humanoids as being somehow lesser

R: In that regard I take the Elder Scrolls (why can’t I spell philosophy help) philosophy of pretty much every race is mistrustful of each other. But geography influences mistrust a lot. To use a TES example the Dunmer and the Nords are mistrustful of each other because they each have land the other wants and they both view the other as warmongers. Elves will be high and mighty (they’re not immortal though), but there are three different types of elves (I call them Myl). Each phylogeny of myl is actually a different species entirely (so not actually a phylogeny I guess).

H: So how cosmopolitan are the lands? Would you tend to see city states and regions divided between different races, or would they tend to live together

R: Oh, you mean like that. Generally if you are say a dwarf in a human city you’re going to have a bad time and vice versa. It does happen though, and some races do go to other races’ cities, although they will be living in slums. It depends a lot on the race though. Dwarves would be more likely in a human city, but a human in a dwarf city is almost unheard of. Elves rarely venture into other races cities, but many races may end up in theirs.

H: So how will that square with a (likely) multi-racial party?

R: Ah, yes. I will STRONGLY advise playing as a human, half-human, or halfling. Maybe dwarf. No gnomes I don’t like them. I would not recommend playing an elf as it would be difficult to do stuff. But if you’re up for the challenge of class-4 racism, go for it.

H: How much time do you expect we’ll be spending in cities rather than adventuring?

R: I’m not sure atm. I’m planning for some political stuff to go on, so having more skills than just “kill with axe” would be handy.

H: Would playing a weird race actually be viable, or would it just result in getting killed on the spot (generally)?

R: Not getting killed on the spot no. People aren’t that bad. It would result in mistrust. I won’t be keeping you to just human cities though. So yes, a weird race would be viable, but the races I’m allowing are human, half-elf, halfling, dwarf, and half-orc. Unless you can think of another one that might be feasible, please ask me first.


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