Aesyn (Deities)

Aesyn is a word used by mortals to describe the immortal beings which dwell within the heavens. They are, for all intents and purposes, divine beings. Their power is most prevalent at night while mortal slumber. Day is the time of mortals, who were designed to compensate for this Most tend to create followings.

All Aesyn are genderless, but they will take on an appearance that most suits whomever they are interacting with. For example, when Skogorn are holding their court, they might appear as whatever they feel expresses themselves best such as a ball of light, a wisp of smoke, a dimensionless cube, or even a radiant golden dragon. If one were to respond to a mortal’s summons, they will often take on an appearance similar to the mortal, e.g. an orc female would likely see Wroth as an orc female, but a male dwarf would likely see him as a male dwarf. That isn’t to say they will appear as whomever is summoning them. That would be degrading to say the least. More likely than not they will take on appearance of what the mortal idolizes most, and will appear both wise, powerful, beautiful, and all-mighty at the same time.



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