Kaerg, The God-Slayer


“If it bleeds, I have killed it”


Kaerg the God-Slayer is the god of wrath, slaughter, and war. The current Kaerg is commonly depicted as a lean, muscular man with long, coal black hair who wields an unusual bastard sword with a circular hilt and ring pommel. His holy symbol consists of four shattered, crossed swords being pierced by a single vertical sword. Kaerg’s domains are Destruction, Strength, War, Glory, and Chaos, and his favored weapon is the bastard sword.

Kaerg teaches that strength and power are paramount, and the foundation of how all should live their lives. Consequently, he finds the majority of his followers among monstrous humanoids and barbarians, as well as some more bloodthirsty soldiers. Within civilized lands, the “church” of Kaerg operates more like a mercenary company than a religious institution, and many priests simply wander from battlefield to battlefield seeking strong opponents to hone their skills. Kaerg does not demand much of his followers, merely that they seek to gain enough strength that, one day, they may be worthy of challenging Kaerg to a duel.

Kaerg is unique in that the name “Kaerg” is a title rather than a specific individual. At the dawn of creation, the first Kaerg came into existence in much the same way as many of the other Teagorn, holding the spark of immortality which granted him absolute freedom from death and powers beyond imagination. However, unlike the other Teagorn, Kaerg quickly bored of his immortality: if he could not die, he was never in danger, and if he was never in danger, he could never feel the thrill of fighting on the brink of death. Thus, seeking the exhilaration to sate his bloodlust, Kaerg offered to morals a contest upon which he would stake his very existence: the one who could defeat him in combat would inherit his immortality and become the next god of wrath. For hundreds of years, Kaerg slaughtered arrogant mortals who had challenged him, intent on seizing his immortality. However, after killing thousands of would-be challengers, a single mortal, whose name has long since been lost to time, finally defeated Kaerg, claimed his mantle of godhood, and ascended into immortality. To honor the god he had slain for their tremendous battle, he cast off his mortal name, taking the name Kaerg to continue the god’s legacy. Although he could have merely accepted his prize and rested for eternity with his immortality, the new Kaerg was of much the same temperament as the original Kaerg, and could not bear to go without the thrill which grips you when your life is on the line. Thus, Kaerg decided to continue the previous Kaerg’s offer of a contest, and from then onward it has become tradition that every new Kaerg continue to accept the challenges of worthy mortals. Although nearly all who dare do so are brutally slaughtered in their battle, once every several hundred years one special mortal is able to defeat Kaerg through their sheer combat prowess, become the new Kaerg, and continue the cycle. It is because of this cycle that even the weakest of Kaerg’s followers are driven to constantly improve their martial abilities, as it is considered the ultimate honor one can receive to die at the hands of Kaerg after he has deemed you a worthy opponent and accepted your challenge.

Notable Followers:

Kaerg, The God-Slayer

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